Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ontario in Review

We're back in Nashville! We arrived Wednesday ... in our new car! After weeks of intense car-shopping, we ended up getting an awesome deal in very short time. I'm still just getting used to highway driving again, so my father-in-law, Gerry, drove down with us to relieve the burden. We made sure he was well-stuffed with BBQ and Cracker Barrel before sending him back across the border.

As my lack of posts imply, I'm still having some trouble keeping up with all things cyber. Here's an update on the rest of our Canadian gigs:

- On Thursday, we performed a midday concert for the final series of Music on the Hill. We had an amazing turnout and the whole program went very well. Even though this wasn't the final concert of the series, they decided to use this day to say thank you to those involved, and to hold a fantastic reception. It was great to see so many friends, and celebrate the end of an era.

- On Friday, we sang at the wedding of our friends, Deanna and Michael. Gerald accompanied Deanna as she sang a surprise song for her new husband, and later, Gerald and I sang the first dance. Such a beautiful day!

- On Sunday, we did a full concert at St. George's Church in Guelph. This church was originally built to be the area's cathedral, and it shows in the design - huge, ornate, and stunningly beautiful. The people of St. George's are fantastic (Dad has been the interim there for a few months, and we sang during their Christmas Carol Service.). We had a tremendous response from people, and felt very welcomed throughout the whole experience. Friends and family who attended the show said it was the best they've ever heard us, so that was very humbling and inspiring.

The rest of our time was spent doing this things we wanted and needed to do in Toronto - setting up insurance on the new car, visiting friends, and eating lots and lots of sushi.

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