Monday, January 05, 2009

Gerald at the Bluebird

Last night ran late, so I'm updating today. Long story short: Gerald rocked last night!

He's been so sick all week with a terrible cold that we started making back-up plans: Should he stand or sit while performing? Which of his songs could I sing? How could he make a funny joke about coughing through an entire song?

But prayers obviously worked.

The illness drastically cut his rehearsal time, which meant we weren't able to work out harmonies. My role for the night was adoring-wife-eating-sweet-potato-fries-at-the-table, and I was happy to do it. We had a nice number of friends show up for the night, and we knew a few of the other performers from Gerald's last performance.

Despite the shortened rehearsal time, Gerald did really well. He opened with "Modern Day Outlaw", followed by "Saturday Morning". (I think he calls this something else, but it's one of my favourites, so I've given it my own name.) He closed with "Water Tower", which is just awesome.

Sundays always end with a set by a pro-writer. Tonight we were treated to a performance by Joie Scott. I didn't know any of her songs, but she's fantastic. Really cool voice, and awesome songs, including a new cut by the Imperials.

After the show, Gerald and I closed the place out, chatting with new and old friends. Ger received a lot of great feedback from people in the audience, so we're hoping he books another date there soon. We'll find out on Tuesday...

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