Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stamps-Baxter - Week Two Begins

It's hard to believe that after months and months of working on the school, we're now over halfway done. We start auditions for the Closing Program tomorrow night, and then it's all just a race to the finish line.

My day was a mix of of boring officey stuff and very cool and uplifting musical moments. This afternoon, I finally got to sit in on group singing! It's the first time I've been able to do it this year, and it felt soooo good! I was very glad I'm a good sight-reader so I could just jump in on the songs. The recording will happen tomorrow morning and, even though I'm not going to join in on that, I think it's going to be something really special.

I dropped in on Teri Reid's class today and talked with them a bit about auditioning. (Teri teaches the children's class.) I'm going in with them tomorrow for an hour to help them prep for their auditions, so that should be fun.

Our concert tonight was the as-yet-unnamed-quartet of Johnny Minick, Aaron Minick, Mike Allen, and Allison Durham Speer. It was an hour of just big, open throated, awesome Southern Gospel singing. Classic songs, great arrangements, and four singers who clearly love being on stage together. Johnny got to preaching a bit, and he quoted that whole passage from Revelations that talks about John seeing the new Jerusalem. Just a great night!

I stayed in the auditorium to watch a few of the student performance opportunities, and they were great. I love seeing people who've been quiet and a little shy all week get up on that stage and take a risk. I was so proud of them all!

After a while, a group of us wandered down to the Hub for snacks and socializing. It was funny to look over at the computers and realize that that's where this whole blogging thing started. The whole point was just to write something that Mom and Dad and Gerald could read each day and keep up on my adventures. Who knew that three years later, I'd be living in Nashville, working at the school, and still writing my blog? Mysterious ways...

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