Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stamps-Baxter - Another Successful Year!

C'est tres late, late, late! What a fantastic and busy day!

Kay and I worked non-stop all day trying to get everything in order for tonight, the end of school, and every little final detail of school. I won't be in tomorrow for packing up cause I need to get ready for tomorrow's River of Life performance, so I really wanted to make sure all my stuff was in order today.

We're having a new video company make the DVD this year, and they've just been fantastic. A few days ago, several of us were interviewed about our experiences at the school. I got to tell the story about how I was called into ministry during the 2005 Closing Program, and I just love telling that story. The team has been shooting B roll the last few days of classrooms, private lessons, etc. We've never had this much care put into our DVD before, so we're all pretty excited about what's going to happen with it all. I sat down today to talk with the owners about maybe doing some videos, etc, of my own music. I don't know that we're in a place financially to make that happen yet, but Gerald and I have such a strong interest in combining film and music, and it was great to actually sit down with someone and discuss my options.

This afternoon, Aaron Minick (my fabulous producer) came in to teach a class on producing an indie CD. It was really well attended, which thrilled me because the class was my idea. Aaron was terrific, and I think he was able to answer a lot of questions for the students. After the class, we had supper together, and it was great to take a few minutes to catch-up and reconnect.

Gerald made me promise to take a little quiet time for myself today, just I wouldn't get overwhelmed with all things I have to do. So, after supper, I took a little walk around campus. It is just so pretty here. Every time I get close to a campus, I started dreaming about getting my Masters degree someday. (Belmont has a Masters of Church Music that's especially tempting.) Then I think about essays, exams, and deadlines, and the dream abruptly ends.

The Closing Program came upon us like a rush. For most of the show, I was able to sit and watch the performances, and it was fantastic. The group singing was incredible, and the soloists and groups were just great. I had to leave the auditorium halfway through the show to help with the scholarship auction. While at the InfoCenter, I was approached by a man who asked if I was Allison Lynn. He then told me that he's been reading my blog since Day 1. I can't even tell you how much that blessed me! The last few years have been incredibly dynamic for me and my family, and it amazes me that others want to share in that journey.

After the show, there were tears and hugs and thank-you's. Several people told me they were reluctant to go home and face the trials they had left there. I reminded them that no one leaves Stamps-Baxter alone. They are now part of a community that crosses states and countries. I know that sounds sentimental, but it's true. I don't think I realized it my first year, but as the years go by, I know it to be truer and truer. We email, we visit, we pray for each other, and we sing together. We are part of an 80 year tradition of Stamps-Baxter students, and that is not something that will pass lightly away.

Later, when things were packed up, the office staff and a few friends went out for a late night dinner. At some points, I was too tired to even talk, but overall, I'm just so satisfied with the last few weeks.

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