Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stamps-Baxter - Registration & Day 1

I have to combine yesterday's Registration and Day 1 because I got home waaaaay too late last night to make much sense of anything - and to be honest, tonight's not much better.

Yesterday's Registration was a great success. We really revamped everything this year, and it's been months and months of work. But yesterday's results were worth every second of organizing, brainstorming, and conference calling. The average registration time was cut at least in half, and the new layout made it much easier to socialize when you were through, which is really the highlight of Registration for most people.

I already felt like I knew a lot of the new students because we had emailed or spoken on the phone so often. I started trying to guess who people were before they introduced themselves. I was successful a few times, but I stopped before I gave anyone the impression I was some weird Southern Gospel wanna-be psychic.

This morning started early with a 7 am staff and faculty meeting. (Yes, that's Seven A.M.), followed by student orientation. Traditionally, we've had orientation on Registration night, which means traditionally, we have to repeat everything again on Monday morning. Moving orientation to Monday was definitely a good idea, and it set everything off on the right foot.

I actually didn't get any classroom time at all today. I'll be working every day, but I do plan on attending a few of the afternoon seminars when I can. We basically spent the whole day helping new students, organizing the InfoCenter (formally known as the product table), and trying to work the rented photocopier. Not particularly glamourous, but all good because the students are having fun, and that's all I want. ... Okay, I want a little fun too!

And tonight I got it: Buddy Greene was our opening concert! As usual, he was brilliant and entertaining and honest and great. After the concert, he taught our first ever harmonica class. He had a huge crowd, and I honestly expect everyone to work a harmonica solo into their songs by tomorrow.

Must sleep! I haven't had more than 5 hours sleep per night for over a week. But I have say: It is sooo good to be back at SB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're there too!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get there! Keep the blogging up!

Anonymous said...

You deserve Kudos! for all the organization and planning done months earlier that had much to do with a good start to the 2008 Stamps-Baxter School. Well done!