Sunday, November 25, 2007

The listening begins...

I got seven of the ten mixes yesterday. What that means is this: The recording part is done, and the next step is for Aaron to mix all the pieces together - choose the best takes, tune the 'off' notes, put the correct volumes on each instrument - to make the best possible version of each song.

I set myself up in the living room with no noise, a scented candle, and a cup of hot chocolate this afternoon. I wanted to be very calm and relaxed for my first listen.

Overall, I think it all sounds great, but I also know I'm having trouble being objective. The tracks sound awesome. The new clarinet part is wonderful. And the background vocals are just perfect.

The trouble is listening to myself! I listen to it, and I think it probably sounds good, but all I keep thinking is, "I can't tell if it sounds good or bad - It just sounds like me!".

My plan is to get my 'trusted few' to take a listen and get their thoughts. Meanwhile, I'm going to listen to it on as many different sound systems as possible. It's one thing for it to sound great on a two-thousand-dollar set of speakers, but most people listen to music in their car, on their laptops, or on the CD player they got for Christmas five years ago. I want it to sound good all time!

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