Monday, November 05, 2007

BGVs - Monika's Day

BGVs is studio code for BackGround Vocals, and even though we're still not finished my vocals, we've just had our first day of BGV recording. For those new to the party: Monika and I have been singing together for over 15 years. We met in Mendlessohn Youth Choir back in Toronto, went on to sing together at St. John's Church. Since then, we've sung together in concerts, recitals, Victorian Carolling, and as anthem singers for a Raptors game. I haven't done any important project or show that hasn't involved Moni, and today, I got the privilege of having her gorgeous harmonies on my new CD!

Monika is a skilled session singer, so she was in her element today. Last week, we chose and recorded 3 songs that we knew she'd sound great on - Abide With Me, Wedding at Cana, and Shepherd of the Hills. I sent her the rough vocals so she'd have a chance to be prepared, and we spent time with all 3 songs over the weekend. There is nothing better than singing with Moni!

We went in this morning, with a full day planned in the studio, but Moni was so quick and professional, that we were done in just a few hours. We had worked out 2 lines of harmony for each song, but in the end, we just used one line on most songs. It all sounds so pretty!

I also took a few minutes to record one take of "Do You Want to Be My Neighbour in Gloryland". Tomorrow night, NSAI is having Christian Pitch to Publisher, and that's the song I want to pitch. That was very simple to do, and I think it will serve me well tomorrow.

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tarajackson said...

i'm sorry i never got the chance to meet mon-E-ka. :) Hopefully at another time when her flight isn't delayed! :)