Thursday, November 22, 2007


I forgot to write yesterday that we had to postpone the photo shoot. We want to shoot outside, and well, that's not so easy in the middle of a thunder storm. Actually, we've been having some real Newfoundland weather lately. Warmer that Newfoundland, but lots of RDF - rain, drizzle, and last week, we actually had fog. Not mist. Fog. I couldn't see the houses across the street. Where I'm from, that's called fog.

We're getting ready to go over to our friend's house for our first ever American Thanksgiving celebration. Last year, we were on our own, and we went to the only restaurant that was open - Shoney's. I feel we'll be in much better hands this year. We're going to have fried turkey, so that should be ... interesting.

I know I did this on our Thanksgiving, but in the spirit of the day, here are the things for which I'm thankful:

- For Gerald, my partner in all things good and true.
- For Mom and Dad, who love and support me unconditionally.
- For Sandy and Gerry, who took me into their family without reserve.
- For all our friends in Toronto, and our new friends here in Nashville.
- For the CD, and all the dreams that are coming true right now.
- For Sebastian and Dante, and their new friendship.
- For the chance to live here in Nashville and be a part of the musical community.
- For family across the country.
- For our home, our car, and having all our basic needs fulfilled.
- For my new job with Ben, and my second new job that's right around the corner.
- For the courage to risk it all to fight for the dream.
- And finally, for a God who knows me completely, and still loves me completely.


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Brittney said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I love this holiday ;). May God continue to pour out His rich blessings on your life!