Friday, November 16, 2007

BCC Songwriter Night

Two days ago, I got an email from Laurie Kerr at BCC Church. They'd had a cancellation in their line-up for their songwriter night, and they offered me a one song guest spot. The plan was to fill the empty chair with several writers doing one song each. They requested an uptempo, so I grabbed Gerald to accompany me on "Point of the Song".

The show was in the "Onion", the fancy-shaped portable in the back of the property. This is the same place where Gerald and I played for their youth worship, almost one year ago! (Wow, how did that happen?) The stage was set with candles for a nice intimate feel.

The crowd was small but appreciative. I did my song near the end, and they still had space, so Gerald did a new song, "Hallelujah, I Remember". Both songs went really well, and got a good response from the crowd. This was the first time Gerald performed Hallelujah, and I can't wait to add harmonies to it.

We realized tonight that it's been ages since we've played out like that, what with the CD and all. It felt good, even though doing one song is more like a warm up than a performance. I think Gerald wants to get back to doing songwriter nights on a regular basis. He is just overflowing with new songs, and they really need to be played and heard.

I'm really working hard right now to coordinate the CD and Christmas. We're booking lots of stuff in Toronto - church services, Victorian carolling, and possibly a full concert. That in and of itself is a lot of work, but on top of that, I'm also trying to organize the final steps of the CD - mastering, graphics, and manufacturing. The BGVs and mixing are all happening in the next few days, so we'll be ready for that final stuff soon.

The tricky part in all this is to schedule things so that we have CDs to bring home with us at Christmas. No easy feat! I'm like the guy on Ed Sullivan with all the plates.

Trying to take time to rest and be still, and celebrate family moments. This month, Gerald and I are celebrating 5 years since we started dating. Can't believe it's been that long! And I can't believe we've done so much together in that time! Feeling so blessed to have him in my life.

Also taking time to rest because I have a photo shoot coming up, and no one wants to buy the CD of a tired looking Gospel singer!

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