Friday, August 31, 2007

Where did August go???

This is just the tiniest little mid-week check-in to say, "Where did August go???" I had so many plans for this summer, and I can't believe the official part of summer is almost over. This is Labour Day Weekend! If we were still in Newfoundland, we'd be packing up the car with fishing rods and Oreos for one more hurrah at the cabin. (Wow, that would be so great!!!)

I've been laying low this week, but still plugging away at things. I have one more month left on my free Song U membership, so I'm taking a class a day right now. I may still continue it after my free membership, but we'll see. This week, I did "Intro to Christian Songwriting" (annoyingly basic), and I started "Commercial Song Forms", which seems to be a prerequisite for all the other courses. I'm also continuing their set of courses on recording an indie CD.

I've also spent some time looking into professional theatre here in Nashville. I'm still looking for paying performance opportunities, so I thought I'd look to the stage. There aren't many paying companies that I could find, but I'm sending my info to all of them. Prayers, please!

Gerald and I called today to get auditions for the Bluebird! We had to call in on 3 phones for over an hour before we got through. We only know they're on Sunday, Sept 16 - the day after NQC! They're going to send us the rest of the info in the mail. Apparently, it's very rare to get through on your first shot, but we're both used to the audition process, and we know that you always do more auditions than you get. (poor English, but you know what I mean)

And, for the first time, I'm ahead of schedule in my Bible-in-a-year readings! I'm in Isaiah and Gallatians. Whoo-hoo!

I have less than 2 weeks til NQC, and a month and a half til we record the tracks for the CD. I also want to go to Write About Jesus in October. Basically, the next 2 months need to be a time of discipline and creativity. I need to allow lots of time for writing and singing and just letting my imagination fly, and I need discipline to make sure everything happens in time for NQC, the recording, and WAJ! And then Christmas is right around the corner...

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