Thursday, August 02, 2007

Corner Music Faith-based Songwriter Night

(I think this is my longest blog title ever!)

Tonight was the Corner Music Faith-based Songwriter Night, organized by our friends Scott and Tara Oliver.

Usually, songwriter nights feature 10 or more performers, each doing 2-3 songs. If you're a performer, then you know that can get a little frustrating after a while. You just get up on stage and get comfortable, and suddenly, you're done! Tara and Scott limited the number of performers tonight, which gave everyone more songs. Not only is this good for us the performers, but it's also good for us, the audience, cause you get a real performance and not just a sample.

Tonight's line-up consisted of three acts other than us. All Shoutlifers, so that was pretty cool! Jonathon Aaron Porter is a young singer-songwriter with a great sound. He plays in a worship band at church, but he's also working on his solo album. Shelley Jennings is multi-CD, very talented singer-songwriter. Her voice is so smooth, and she supports it with gentle piano accompaniment. For one song, she was joined by her husband on harmonies, and that was gorgeous.

Gerald and I did 6 songs between us. We thought about doing some of the newer songs, but with Stamps-Baxter taking up so much time last week, and therefore limiting our rehearsal time, we decided to stick with some of our (well-rehearsed) favourites. I sang harmonies on "Never Wait Until Tomorrow" and "My Child is Dancing with God", and that got tremendous feedback. Several people complimented our blend, and how much the harmonies lifted the music. I started adding harmonies to Gerald's songs in just the last few months, so it's very encouraging to get such a positive response.

Tara and Scott ended the night with some of their songs. "Selfish Me" talks about getting the selfish parts of ourselves out of the way so we can be closer to God. Wow, could I give a witness on that one! They were brave enough to do a brand new song too, which was great. Scott has great grooves on the guitar, and Tara's voice just floats over the top of it. Fabulous!

It was a really strong night, and we were so happy to be a part of it. After the show, we all chatted about the irony of Nashville - It's the centre of the Christian music industry, yet there's so few paying performance opportunities here that most Christian artists end up touring outside the city.

On another note, I am now fully recovered from my stint at Stamps-Baxter. What a great school this year! I still need to do some follow-up emails, but at least I'm caught up on my sleep! Yesterday, I got back to my Song U classes, finishing my course on Power Rhymes, and continuing my course on CD pre-production. I think I'll start Commercial Song Forms next.

I've also been invited to join the Church of the Redeemer praise team this Sunday. They have a roster of musicians, and this will be my first time joining in. Very excited!


Manda said...

hey allison! thanks for commenting back! I got the bead kit from is a site where I have an online shop along with tons of other people! It's fun and beware, it's addictive!

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you at Stamps! There are photos of you online at :-)

Talk to you soon I hope!