Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lynn and my Kin

Mom and Dad are here in Nashville!!! Whoo-hoo!!! I am soooo excited!!!

Not only is this their first visit to Music City, it's also their first chance to see our new lives here in Nashville. They arrived late last night, and it's so awesome to have them here. It's natural and surreal, all at the same time!

We really kicked it off big by going to the Opry tonight. We knew they'd want to go some time, but when I saw the ad in the paper, I knew tonight was the night. Tonight's opening act was the one and only Loretta Lynn!

Loretta Lynn is a study in stage craft. She doesn't dance, shimmy, or do any kind of comedy routine. She just walks out, holds the mic, and sings. And that's all she needs to do.

When some members of the Opry perform, their backup bands can look a little rough. Not Miss Loretta's. Her group came out, coolly dressed in co-ordinating, but not matching, outfits. The music was tight and vibrant. The band wore black with little touches of red, and out walked Miss Loretta in her bright red ball gown. The whole thing was slick without seeming forced.

She did 4 songs (a lot for the Opry stage!) including the gospel song "Where No On Stands Alone" and, of course, "Coal Miner's Daughter". (How could anyone hear that and not think of those poor trapped miners and their families?) But it was her presence that just blew me away. To be that confident in yourself and your message, and to put that much trust in the power of your song, and to be at that age and still making relevant music - it was all just inspiring!

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