Monday, August 20, 2007

3rd Sunday Songwriter Party

We've been having a great time with Mom and Dad! We're doing a bit of touristy stuff, but we're also trying to show them our everyday lives here. So today, we thought we'd take them off the beaten path, and show them a real songwriter's event here in Nashville.

Once a month, Doak Turner hosts a party for songwriters. He provides the chicken and sweet tea; everyone else brings a side dish and a guitar. After digging into the food, the guitars come out and the songs begin. There's always a huge crowd, so the music happens all over the house. There'll be a group in the living room, a group in the study, a group in the basement, and today, several groups outside. Every possible space in Doak's house is filled with songwriters!

Mom and Dad also got a great taste of Southern hospitality today. They were welcomed with open arms, as were we on our first visit. This isn't the kind of thing they would go to on their own, but I think they enjoyed seeing a different, non-touristy side of the city.

We didn't get to play a lot today, but Gerald played his new song "Angels in the Dust", which I love. I hooked up with someone who may have a Southern Gospel song for me to consider for the album. Gerald found 2 potential co-writers. I ran into a friend from Shoutlife. And we have a place to stay if we ever tour Australia. Not a bad afternoon's work!

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