Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NSAI & Kenna Turner West

Today was a full writing day for both of us. Gerald had 2 - yes, 2! - co-writing sessions today, including one with a staff writer at Peermusic. (A staff writer is basically someone with a publishing deal, which means any song they write together has a decent chance of getting cut.) Very exciting!

I took advantage of the empty house and sat down for another solo writing session - my 2nd in a week! At the end of my time, I had a new lyric, and a semblance of a tune. I think it's actually my first praise and worship song. The title is "Sure as the Sun", and it was inspired by the Bible study of Hosea I've been attending.

This afternoon, I spent time at NSAI, and then came home to do another Song U class. I'm continuing my course on Power Rhymes. Later this week, I'm going to start the Indie CD course.

Tonight was my favourite night at NSAI - Christian Writer's Night! We were blessed to have guest speaker, Kenna Turner West, who has written for all sorts of SG artists, including the Easters, the Talleys, and Karen Peck and New River. You know, SG is the niche of Christian writing, and so far, we've had 2 of these NSAI nights featuring SG people. Very happy for that!

The night was organized like an interview, and Kenna illustrated her stories with clips from her songs. The whole night was full of practical information about writing, demos, and pitching. She's very vibrant and funny, so it was pretty entertaining too!

We got to chatting after the event, and I mentioned that I'm recording this year. We exchanged info, and she's going to send me some songs to consider for the CD. Yay!

What a satisfying day! *sigh*

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