Monday, July 02, 2007


That's right, Happy Canada Day! Some of our new American friends are shocked to discover that we have a Canada Day. Some are asking if we celebrate the 4th of July. And a lot want to know if it's actually Canadian Independence Day.

Well, not really. Here's how Wikipedia describes it: "Canada Day marks the creation of Canada as a Dominion through the British North America Act on July 1, 1867, uniting three British colonies—the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada. The three colonies united to form one country divided into four provinces. The Province of Canada became Ontario and Quebec."

Other than the Stanley Cup playoffs, it's one of the few times of the year when Canadians are outrageously and publicly patriotic. I've always enjoyed going out to see fireworks, or going to a Canada Day party, so I wondered how we would spend tonight.

Well, Carol, who runs the back room at Cafe Coco, is Canadian! She decided a year ago that she wanted to have a Canada Day party. On her last trip home, she brought back Tim Horton's coffee and Molson Canadian (you know that sold out fast!). They put poutine on the menu, and filled the stage with some great Canadian singer-songwriters.

The back room was packed, and I think they were actually having to turn people away throughout the evening. There were young couples and families with kids. People were wearing red and white. The crowd were only half Canadians; the rest were obviously super cool Americans! We heard great music, Gerald found a possible co-writer, and I gave out advice on getting an O1 Visa. What a great night!


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Anonymous said...

Yayy, Canada!! You go, Newfie Girl!!