Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cafe Forte Open Mic

For months now, I've been spending my Monday evenings at Cafe Forte, a Christian songwriter gathering. I've been hoping for a chance to jump up on stage, and tonight, they hosted an open mic.

I was really hoping to look at the night as an 'audition' for their regular shows. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, almost all the organizers were away for the night, including the booking person. Arg!

Still, Gerald and I arrived, guitars in hand, and sang our songs. Gerald did "Real Big Fan", and "Never Wait Until Tomorrow", with me on harmonies. I did "Wedding at Cana", and then Gerald accompanied me on "The Point of the Song". "Wedding" got lots of comments after the show. I think that song just tickles people!

There was a real mix of performers, including a trumpet player, and a couple of 15-year-old singer-songwriters who are poised to do great things. The level of talent in this town never fails to amaze me!

Not an enormously glamorous night, but still a very satisfying experience. Just continuing to sow the seed...

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