Friday, October 28, 2022

Book Review: The Clutter Fix, by Shannon Acheson

In 2020, I reviewed Home Made Lovely by Shannon Acheson, and became an instant fan! 

Shannon weaves creativity, practicality, and spirituality 
to create beautiful, comfortable living spaces. 

As an avid follower of her blog, I was super-excited when I learned she was releasing a new book in 2022!

The Clutter Fix is exactly what it sounds like - 
a practical journey for removing clutter from your home.

Anyone who has ever tried to remove or reduce clutter knows it's a challenging and often overwhelming project. 

Shannon starts with giving some some quick, focused projects. These allow you to practice decluttering, while also gaining some easy wins.

She takes time to look at the psychological and spiritual side of clutter. How does it affect our emotions? How often do we carry guilt about throwing things away? And how can we work through those feelings to achieve a calmer home?

Finally, Shannon gives us a whole-house decluttering project, complete with lists, detailed work plans, and worksheets. To top things off, she ends with a section on maintaining your clutter-free home.

I read this book in one sitting, but my plan is to return to it in January for the continuation of my own decluttering journey. Wish me luck!

You can follow Shannon's blog and learn more helpful home-tips at her beautiful site: 

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