Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Book Review: Home Made Lovely, by Shannon Acheson

I love reviewing books, but as a Christian book reviewer (reviewer of Christian books?? Both apply....) I never thought I'd get this rare treat:

I'm reviewing a decorating book!

I loooove decorating! It's a passionate hobby of mine. I love creating beautiful, welcoming spaces that change with the season. So when I had the opportunity to review Home Made Lovely, I jumped at the chance.

Home Made Lovely approaches the art of home decor from three main angles:

#1. Let's make things beautiful and affordable.

#2. Let's create spaces that reflect you, your family, and how you want everyone to feel.

#3. Decorating is a spiritual art that can be both an expression and reflection of your faith.

Not just a picture book (although the pictures are lovely!), this is a decorating book that is meant to be read. Ideally, in a comfortable chair with a delicious hot beverage (very hygge!)

Shannon's writing is warm and effortless. I've never met her, but I imagine that meeting her in person might have the same energy. Her text is well researched and applicable, yet shared in a way that's invitational and encouraging. Even the experienced amateur will find lots of new ideas and practical tools within these pages. 

Chapter 3 - "As for Me and My House" - will be the deciding factor for many readers. Shannon makes no bones about her Christianity throughout the book, but this is the section where she really lays out faith as a basis for creating a beautiful and comfortable home. This isn't a chapter you'll find in many decorating books. Gerald and I held a house blessing when we moved here to St. Catharines, so I'm no stranger to the idea of weaving faith into your home. But for many this may be a new, or even unusual, approach to home decor. Some people may wonder if this should even be in a decorating book? Shannon handles that question beautifully in her intro to the chapter, where she gently explains her approach, without creating pressure to accept her point of view. If this idea speaks to you, you'll love the ideas and lists included in this chapter. If not, read on, because there's still a tonne you can get from this book!

I can't say enough about how much I loved reading devouring Home Made Lovely!

I've spent every day since April digging in my garden, so with the weather turning colder, this book came at just the right time. With each chapter, I had fresh visions of painting my bedroom, organizing my bathroom cupboard, and taking on a few special projects in our main living spaces. 

After turning the final page, I immediately visited Shannon's gorgeous website - HOME MADE LOVELY - and signed up for her newsletter. If you want a sneak peek of the book, you can even get a free chapter on her site.

If you're looking for some home inspiration this season, I recommend you brew something hot, grab a cozy blanket, and open your copy of Home Made Lovely! 

And Shannon, when this world becomes a safer place, you have a standing invitation to come visit my colourful, collected, personal Home Made Lovely. 

I'm serious! Come for a mug up! The kettle's always on :)

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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