Monday, March 02, 2020

Turn Around - A Lesson from Niagara Falls...

My totally expert opinion:

The best time to visit Niagara Falls is in the winter!

The subzero temperatures and constant mist create the most beautiful ice formations! Imagine if Elsa's dream castle had a raging Wonder-of-the-World waterfall, and you have a hint of what the Falls look like in the depths of winter.

And not just the Falls: when it's super cold, the surrounding hillsides, trees, and buildings are all covered in shimmery splendour.

There's also that perk of the tourists!

The summer is a crowded time in Niagara Falls. Millions of people cram around the edge of the water to get that perfect honeymoon selfie.

In the winter, you get a sparse, more reserved crowd. And if polled, you'll probably find more locals like me.

Last week, I took advantage of a quiet Sunday to enjoy a stroll by the Falls. It was breathtaking! The sun was bright on the water, and the cascading mist formed billows of brightness.

As usual, I was struck by the diversity of the crowd. All ages; all races; all abilities. All gathered to look at one majestic sight.

All eyes were glued on the Falls in their winter glory. All cameras pointed in one direction. All attention stage right...

I took my fair share of photographs, too, 
but then, 
something told me to turn around...

I pointed my camera in the opposite direction, 
away from the attention-grabbing noise and wonder of the Falls, and that's when I saw this...

The rainbow.

Not in the churning of the Rainbow Falls, but clinging against a wall.

Nestled on a bit of ice, out of sight for most people.

I wanted to scream, "Turn around! Look at what's right here! Isn't it fantastic! So unexpected..."

I didn't, of course. Not just because it would have surpassed my own weirdness comfort level, but because, somehow, I felt it had to be discovered to be admired.

There are things like that, 
aren't there?

Sometimes, we get into a truly amazing, spectacular place, full of noise and busyness and wonder. There's so much to see and take in, and we find ourselves transfixed by the big, loud stuff right in front of us.

But what happens if we slow down, 
turn around, 
and just for just a moment, 
look in the other direction?

What quiet, beautiful wonders will we find hiding in the corners?

What miracles are happening, not centre stage, but just at the edge of the wings?

And how might we be blessed by seeing the things that other people miss?

I snapped a photo of my secret rainbow. 

I wonder how many other people turned around and noticed it? 
I wonder how many other people would call it their favourite photo of the day?

Today, I encourage you to take a moment to turn around.
Discover the beauty in all corners of your home, your community, our world.
Let's share that beauty with one another...


Rose Naomi said...

What a blessing; rainbows are remarkable! Thank you for your entire message, Allison Lynn! 💞🙏🎶

Allison Lynn said...

It was such a special moment! Thanks, Rose :)

M.Christine Duncan said...

Oooo... I love this lesson so much!!! And I have to agree... there's nothing like it in the winter time!

Allison Lynn said...

Thanks, Christine!