Friday, February 28, 2020

Favourite Things - February Roundup!

Welcome to my new blog feature:

Favourite Things!

Gerald and I are blessed to travel each year to every province in Canada. 
Even though our tours involve lots of work, we always try to take time to explore the sights, sounds, and, perhaps most importantly, tastes of the places we visit!

Because of that we get lots of requests for referrals:

What's your favourite cafe in Fredericton?

Where should I stay in Old Quebec?

Where's the best noodle house in Kamloops?

And, of course, we also get regular requests for help with songwriting, guitar, 
and worship resources from all kinds of musicians.

So, at the end of each month, I'll be sharing my Favourite Things I discovered in the last few weeks!

These lists will be ranging and eclectic. The only theme is "I like this!" or "I found this useful!"
And, hopefully, you'll find something useful or fun on the list, too! 

Click on the names to find links to each resource. 
Stay tuned at the end of each month for the new list.

And in full disclosure: I'm not receiving any compensation for sharing these links.
I just truly love this stuff! 

And now, here's the first edition of 
Favourite Things - February Roundup!

#1. Modern Mrs. Darcy - It's only fair to give Anne Bogel the honour of being my first Favourite Thing, since her "Links I Love" blogposts inspired this new feature! I reviewed Anne's book - "I'd Rather Be Reading" - last year and, since then, I've become a huge fan of her blog. She write about all things reading, including themed booklists to help you find the perfect tome for each season!

#2. Come From Away - We cried, laughed and cried again. My theatre heart swooned and my Newfoundland soul felt 10-feet tall. Run to see this show!

#3. Michael Hyatt "Lead To Win" Podcast - my favourite podcast for productivity that supports a healthy balance of work, home, and spirituality.

#4. Lavender Pillow Spray - we never leave home without it! Made right here in beautiful Niagara...

#5. Worship Vocalist - our go-to vocal training site! Great for all levels of singers.

These are my Favourite Things for February!

Have you tried any of these?
What new things have you fallen in love with this month?

Please share in the comments below...


Anonymous said...

My favourite thing is that I now know how to make Japanese cheesecake, and a darned fine one at that!

Allison Lynn said...

We're all thankful for that :D

Linda said...

I discovered the book “Church on the Street” by Robert Kinghorn. I’m just getting into it but am loving each short story that tells of Robert meeting a certain person as he walks the streets of Toronto’s worst areas, meeting drug pushers, drug addicts, prostitues, homeless people and the very poor. It is the book I have chosen for the season of Lent as Robert walks in the steps of Jesus. ✝️ 🌃 😇 💋

Allison Lynn said...

That sounds really interesting, Linda! Thanks for sharing this...