Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Like all of you, we’ve spent the last few weeks glued to the news about the Coronavirus. In our efforts to “flatten the curve”, we’re staying indoors, not socializing, and endlessly washing our hands.

With increasing restrictions of live events, we’ve had to face some very difficult decisions around our ministry. We’ve lost most of our Easter performances, which is very upsetting. But the hardest challenges have been around our upcoming 10th Anniversary East Coast Tour.

With a heavy heart, we’re cutting our tour from 7 weeks down to 3.

Unfortunately, to give us the tightest tour route possible,
this means cancelling all events in Newfoundland, Quebec, and PEI.

We can’t tell you how much it hurts us just to write this.

Our new plan is to offer a 3 week tour of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, starting after the May 24th weekend. Our prayer is that social distancing will do its job, and by that time, we’ll all be ready to gather together for a night of singing and praise.

We’re currently booking concerts, worship services, and music team workshops for churches of all sizes and denominations across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
We’d love to bring our message of hope and joy to your community!

To book your concert, please contact us HERE.

As a freelance duo, these tours provide approximately four months of income for our family and ministry. Cancelling any event is always a last resort for us! We’re booking events now because, if we wait until May when things start to clear, we won’t have enough time to put everything together. We would love for churches to please keep working with us in this regard, booking events, and planning for a more social spring season.

And we promise you: we won’t risk your church finances or your community’s health!
We’re closely monitoring the situation across the country. If we need to make adjustments closer to the tour dates, we’ll work with your church leadership to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!

We know the communities of the East Coast are resilient, with a deep tradition of caring for one another. This is the spirit that runs in our veins, and we’re thankful for this heritage.

Planning anything in these uncertain days feels like a leap of faith,
but isn’t that the stuff that God is really good at?

As our inspiration verse tells us,
“God’s power, working in us, can do Infinitely More than we can ask or imagine.”

Please join us in this leap of faith and hope this spring.

Blessings and peace,
Allison and Gerald
Infinitely More

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