Friday, February 07, 2020

3 Acts of Love - Join Our Valentine's Day Challenge!

February is definitely the Month of Love in our family!

Our wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, and our sweet puppy 
Sebastian's birthday all land in the same week!

That said, like many of you, we're feeling a lack of love in our world these days. 
It seems like we're all more divided than ever, and that those with the ugliest opinions 
often hold the loudest microphones.

BUT, we all have the power to choose what we put into this world.

We have the power to choose LOVE!

In the spirit of this truth:

We're inviting everyone
to take part in our 
3 Acts Of Love
Valentine's Day Challenge!

This week, we encourage you to share a simple & selfless act of love with three people:

#1. A family member
#2. A neighbour 
(in your office/school,
or on your street!)
#3. A stranger

We encourage you to be creative! 

Perhaps you'll choose a Valentine's tradition, such as giving out heart-shaped chocolates 
(who doesn't love getting chocolates??) 
Or maybe you'll perform a much-needed act of service for someone? 
Or pay for someone's coffee?
Or send someone a word of encouragement?
Or ... or ....
the possibilities are endless! 

Bonus points if your Act of Love is anonymous! 

All we really ask is that your 3 Acts of Love are simple and tangible.
If we all join in, imagine the power of hundreds of Acts Of Love 
moving through our families and communities this week...

We can't all change the World, but we can all change our Corner of the World!

So please join us this week for the 
3 Acts of Love
Valentine's Day Challenge!

We'd love for you to share your experiences with us on:


Let's fill our world with countless acts of love this Valentine's Week!


Rose Naomi said...

Definitely on board, nothing as satisfying as giving! ���������� Rose Naomi

Allison Lynn said...

Awesome, Rose! :)