Sunday, May 08, 2011

Rocking with the Handbells

Gerald on guitar, Derwyn on vocals, and Carolyn leading the bells.

Next Sunday, St. John's York Mills will play host to Musicfest - a family friendly musical event featuring handbells, organ, choir, and our Worship Team.

This year, Gerald and I have been asked to lead the Worship Team for the 2 concerts. Thinking on this year's theme of Summer, we've chosen to do Gerwshin's "Summertime" and summer classics "Wipeout" and "Summertime Blues." We'll also collaborate with the bells for a few songs.

This afternoon, we met with the handbells to rehearse "Here Comes the Sun." This is the first time the full band has played for Musicfest, and I think the results are going to be pretty cool.

For more details on the shows, please visit here.

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