Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Return to Trinity...

Trinity College Chapel

I spent the afternoon at my alma mater, Trinity College. Even though Trinity is in Toronto, I rarely get back there. Walking through the quad, memories of my undergrad days washed through the air. I was reminded of the person I was back then - the things that have remained a part of me, and the things I've left behind.

Next month, Gerald and I will be leading the music for the Trinity Divinity Associates' Conference. The theme is Reconciliation, and the speaker is Anne Mallonee from Trinity Wall Street, NYC.

Today, I met with organizers Joanne Davies and David Montgomery for our first planning meeting. I knew the plan was 4 services - 2 Eucharists and 2 Evensongs - but I wanted to get a sense of the overall feeling of the event.

Conferences provide a really cool challenge - how do we present songs that people will sing easily, but also present something different than they can get in their church on a regular Sunday morning?

Joanne and David are both creative and innovative souls, so I'm excited about the possibilities. We'll be doing 3 services in the gorgeous chapel, and 1 in Seeley Hall, which will allow for a flexible worship space. Today, we discussed the possibilities of all kinds of music - hymns, praise songs, paperless music, and finding new ways to sing the psalms.

Next step: getting the music slots and choosing the songs...

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