Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winds of Change?

This morning, we sang at St. Christopher's Church here in Burlington. It was nice to be so close to home on an early morning! It's been wet and mild all weekend, and this morning, the wind was whipping through the trees. A lone discarded Christmas tree rolled off the snow and down the street. Sad sight...

When we visit St. Christopher's, we sing during communion. Since we're still in the Christmas season, we sang "I Wonder as I Wander", "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen", and "My Heart is the Manger." We were well received, and "Heart" received lots of great feedback. More and more, I'm getting asked "Where's your Christmas album?" Maybe 2009 will be a 2 CD year?

As a change of pace, this is the Sunday where St. Christopher's asks the congregation to choose the carols. At the start of the service, the priest said "Today we'll need 4 carols for the service. What do you want to sing?" People shouted out hymnal numbers, and these were the carols we sang. Very cool idea!

As we were doing our sound check, we couldn't help but notice the odd noises in the building. We thought it might have been something in the sound system, but no - it was the steeple. Yes, the wind was so wild that the church's tall thin steeple was swaying back and forth. The whole church creaked and groaned throughout the entire service. Partway through, I actually had the thought, "If the steeple falls and the roof breaks open, we'll just keep singing."

The show must go on!


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