Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Not quite frightful yet, but the predictions aren't good.

The past few days have been stunning - gorgeous sunny cold days highlighting the picture perfect Christmas card display of snow. The family down the road has made a perfect snowman that's as tall as me, and everyone's Christmas lights look beautiful against the pure white backdrop. Walking the dogs has become a bit of an extreme sport as we slip and slide over the icy sidewalks, but I'm also hoping my 20 pound winter coat is acting as weight resistance for optimum workout value.

The weather people are freaking out tonight. They're predicting a terrible storm for tomorrow and Sunday. Of course, we have 2 gigs each tomorrow and Sunday.

Please keep us in prayer for safety on the roads and, if we lose any of our gigs to weather, please pray that we will be able to make up those financial and ministry opportunities.

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