Friday, November 21, 2008

The wilds of Nashville!

Lots of cool stuff going on!

My press release about "Do You Wanna Be My Neighbor in Gloryland" was printed in the November issue of Power Source magazine! I'm on page 65, along with the Booth Brothers and Daywind. It's on the top of the page, along with my photo, so it all looks very cool.

Also, I recently did an interview with Scott Evans at, and it's airing this weekend and next. You can find out more details here.

I started a new newsletter this week too. I'm now using Constant Contact, and I'm really happy with them. I sent out my first one yesterday, and I've had over a dozen people contact me with really positive feedback. The program allows you to use really colourful templates, and you can add photos and links and stuff. Looks great, easy to use, love it!

We're in the getting-ready-to-go-home mode right now. This week, I booked our 20th gig for December! It's going to be crazy, but gooood! I'm also going to be home for my birthday (next Thursday!!!) which hasn't happened for a few years, so that's all cool.

What else? Oh, getting lots of reaction to my new hair cut. I haven't had it this short in eons. I was washing it today and realized "I don't know how much shampoo to use!"

Also, I spoke with a musician friend yesterday about doing a new CD together in the New Year. Not a full band CD, but something more intimate, probably a hymns album. Soooo excited about this possibility!

Tonight was Redeemer in the Round, which was, obviously, a round at Church of the Redeemer. Jenna hosted it and played one of her songs. The other chairs where filled by Hunter Moore, Julie Lee, and Sally Barris. What a great night! They had the chairs in the church reconfigured so we were sitting in semi-circles facing one of the long walls of the church. They had a screen up behind the players, and after the 'round' portion, we moved into a hymn-sing. Each writer chose and lead two hymns, which was awesome! I love a good hymn! Jenna ended with "In Christ Alone" and asked me to come up and help lead the singing. I have totally fallen in love with that song! Gerald and I are thinking about working up a duet version we can use in our concerts.

Oh, and weirdest part of the day: I'm driving home from Redeemer, and I see this big dog wandering on the road. Not running away, but just wandering. I thought, "That looks odd, and big, and odd..." I think it was a coyote! Not I thought I would have had before moving to Nashville, but apparently, we have 'em, so I think I just saw my first coyote!


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