Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beautiful Lengths ... 9 inches gone!

Well, it's done - 9 inches of my hair are on their way to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths.

We met at the salon at noon and got some "before" photos. I'd been wearing my hair in ponytails for the last few months cause it was starting to get on my nerves, so I didn't realize just how long it was. Allison and Tara joined us, and Allison got some video as well. I'll post all of that stuff as soon as I get it.

I had all the hair cutting requirements printed off from the Pantene website. We measured my hair and put it in two ponytails. The elastics have to stay on the hair, so we literally just cut off the ponytails. I don't mind telling you I was a little nervous, and a little teary, when it came time to actually do the snipping. I decided to cut a full 9 inches - one inch more than the minimum, and a little more than I originally planned, but who cares? It's just going to grow back.

We took lots of photos of me holding my snipped ponytails in my hands and laughing. It was all so amazing! We then placed the hair, still in its elastics, in a ziplock bag, and then in a padded envelope. When you cut off the ponytails, your hair gets all uneven, so I treated myself to a nice cut and style. After all, I haven't had my hair cut in over a year! What a treat!

It feels good to have accomplished this. When I was sitting in the chair having my hair dried, I had one sad moment. In my early twenties, I had very long hair with no colour in it. I would often go and have 5 or 6 inches cut off just to even things up. Imagine how many times I could have cut a bit more and donated it! I could have done this half a dozen times over! I'm not one for regrets, but I do wish I'd learned about this program earlier. Maybe someone else will read this and get inspired to do it themselves.

Right now, I'm continuing to pray for my hair as it travels through the mail and into the hands of the wig maker. I prayed again today for the woman who'll receive my hair. It takes 6 donations to make one wig, so my hair will just be part of a wig. What a great example of living and giving in a community!

I just feel so blessed tonight to have had this journey. It ended up meaning so much more than I ever imagined!

I'll post photos soon! Meanwhile, I'm getting used to my much, much shorter hair!

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tarajackson said...

Your shorter and GORGEOUS hair!!