Sunday, November 16, 2008

They're playing my song...

I have to share this cool experience - Last year, Gerald and I made friends with our mechanic. He's a great guy who loves Gospel music, so as a Thank You for some extra work he did for us, we gave him a copy of "Real Big Fan".

This weekend, he was doing some work on my car, and he started telling us how much he loved the CD. He loved it so much that he lent it to his pastor, who also fell in love with it.

Their church is a very small church in our area that uses most of it's funds to support the needs of the people in its congregation. They used to have a piano player for Sunday mornings, but he left for a bigger church, and they haven't been able to hire another musician.

They have a CD player and small sound system, and for the past month, they've been using my songs in their services! Not for the singalong portion, but for a special song during the service. Isn't that awesome!! I'm just overwhelmed. You never know where your music is going to go, or who's going to need it.

Needless to say, we're going to chat with the pastor about visiting there some Sunday...

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Unknown said...

That is really cool.