Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jackson Ridge Fish Fry

Jackson Ridge is the beautiful little country church where I sang a few weeks ago. Tara was booked to do an event there tonight, and when the pastor heard I'd be coming to watch the show, he invited me to sing a few songs as well.

So I rehearsed a 'few' songs, and sat down to enjoy a great meal. Tonight's event was a fish fry (amazing fish!!!) and then a concert with 2 Gospel artists. I wasn't officially on the program, which actually made it all much more relaxing. Well, fifteen minutes to showtime there was still no second group, so we came up with a Plan B of me and Tara splitting the show between us. Then the other group walks in, only to announce that they also brought another soloist who also wanted to be on the program. So we're sort of back to Plan A, but with the addendum of the fourth performer.

The show started with each of us doing one set of 3 songs each. Tara nailed her stuff and sounded great. I did "Moving Up to Gloryland", "Shepherd of the Hills", and "Real Big Fan". It all went well, and I was happy to relax and enjoy the rest of the night. They took the love offering and then the pastor announced that everyone was going to do another set of songs.

Um, another set?

Let's remember, I had only practiced three songs. Yes, I know my other songs, but I just really felt unprepared all of a sudden. I choose "Do You Wanna Be My Neighbour in Gloryland" and "Abide With Me". I know both of them really well, and I always love singing them. I think this put us on Plan C.

But as I'm sitting there waiting to go on, I start thinking, "You know, I really haven't been practicing these songs, and I hope I remember the tracks as well as I think I do..." Panic! So, I looked at the schedule, and realized I had about 5 minutes left before my turn. I grabbed my car keys and my tracks and ran out to the parking lot. I turned on the CD player and the air conditioning and had an impromptu rehearsal just there in my car!

Within minutes it was my turn to sing again. Both songs went really well, and I was very relieved!

After the show, we enjoyed more fish, as well as some awesome homemade chocolate pie. Mom and Dad (who are here for the weekend) got the chance to talk with people before the show, and one person told Mom something pretty awesome. It kind of went like this: "You know, I love traditional Gospel music, so when I first heard Allison's music, I didn't think I was going to like it. But you know, I listened to it, and I just love it!". Isn't that cool? I know my sound is going to be a little different for some people, but I love that she listened, only to discover that she loves it!

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