Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy with Blessings

I sang on the praise team at Redeemer today, so the morning began very early for me. That seems to have been a theme lately, so when the afternoon hit, I just took the time to relax.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that today was my first half-day-off for weeks! Since the Single Release Party, things have just been crazy. I’m working almost full-time hours for Ben right now (Stamps-Baxter is only 2 weeks away!), so that eats up a lot of time. I’ve had several requests for “Shepherd of the Hills” (yay!) and most of those people want liners as well. (A ‘liner’ is “Hi, this is Allison Lynn and you’re listening to VOCM.") Then I had the Ozark concert and some more singing that needed rehearsal and prep time. We’ve also had company all that time - first Mom and Dad, then our friend, Don, and then we had more friends stay in the house this weekend to care for the puppies. And because I’m my mother’s child, that means lots of cleaning!

I’m extremely behind in my email, which always feels terrible for me. I’m sure people think I’m ignoring them, and I hate that. My internet is down tonight, so hopefully, I’ll get caught up in that over the next day or so. (I'm writing on ipages so I can post later...praying for internet tomorrow!)

We’ve planned a trip home in August, so now that means lots of work trying to book dates in Ontario.

But, quite frankly, I just need a little quiet time. So for the rest of tonight, I’m breathing deeply, cuddling the puppies, and thanking God that I have so many blessings to keep me so busy!

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