Monday, June 09, 2008

Gerald's Bluebird Debut!!!

Gerald just made his debut at the infamous Bluebird Cafe!!!

Okay, yes, a few months ago, he did get up and play a song at his friend's show, but this was different - Tonight, he was a scheduled performer! Writer's Night features nine or ten writers who each do 3 songs (their own originals, of course!). The night ends with a set by a 'pro-writer', who tonight was Jon Robbin.

The nine writers who performed tonight were vastly different, everything from country to blues to funny, cool stuff. A lot of people brought along instrumentalists to fill out their sound, the most elaborate being the bass/fiddle/hammer-dulcimer combo.

Gerald performed mid-show, which was great timing. He opened with his party song, "The Brakes are Gone" - very fun!! His middle song was his co-write with Tom Manning called "How's Your Heart Today?". I love this song, and Gerald performed it with a lot of sincerity. For his final song, I jumped up on stage to join him on harmonies. In addition to Mom and Dad, we were so blessed to have some wonderful friends in the audience tonight, including Ben Speer. Gerald made a point of dedicating his last song "Me and Elvis Say Hi" to Mom, the world's biggest Elvis fan, and Ben, who actually sang with Elvis. The song went really well, and within a few short minutes, Gerald's debut was complete and successful.

Since marrying Gerald, I have a new appreciation for what Mom goes through every time I sing. For the first two songs, while I was in the audience and Gerald was singing, I was a total wreck! So nervous, and praying for Gerald every second of the song. Of course, once I got on stage I was fine, but those first two songs - nervous, nervous girl!

So how do you get a second show at the Bluebird? On Tuesday, all tonight's performers have to call the Bluebird to ask if they can come back again. Praying for him.... but already, just so proud of him!

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