Monday, September 10, 2007

Redeemer, and Not-Yet-NQC

No, I'm not at NQC yet! A million things conspired against me today, including rain storms, so I decided to stay home tonight and drive to Louisville in the morning. We all know how I feel about mornings, but the afternoon showcases start just after noon, and I want to see and hear as much as possible.

But I was up very early this morning (6AM!) to join the praise team at Church of the Redeemer. Last time, I sang a some lead and some harmony, but today, I also got to do a solo! Jenna had a nice team made up today of keys, organ, guitar, electric bass, and me on lead vocals. The rest of the team did harmonies, and we had some really lovely musical moments.

Redeemer rarely does an anthem or 'special', so solos usually happen during the offertory. I sang "Yahweh, I know you are here", based on today's psalm. Everything was very intimate, with a simple accompaniment, and it all went really well. I had to leave right after the service (in my failed attempt to get to Louisville today), but I still got some very generous feedback, so that was satisfying.

I continue to love the music at Redeemer! The mix of organ and praise team, hymns and choruses, joyful praise and contemplative moments all add up to a wonderful worship experience.

Off to bed... I'm in the car bright and early tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

The solo was great. I was very impressed. Thank you very much for it!