Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CD update: Song pitch and a cool guest artist...

The hunt for great songs for my CD continued tonight. I've settled on several of my and Gerald's songs, I have a great one from Daryl Williams, and a few classic Lee Roy Abernathy tunes. But I have a few spots that I still can't finalize. I need to keep in mind that these songs will not only represent me and my ministry, but they will also be the backbone of all my concerts, at least til I make a second CD like this.

I asked Joel Lindsey if he had any extra songs he'd be willing to pitch to an indie artist, and being a generous soul, he said Yes!

But here's the really cool part: Instead of just sending a disc, we met at Brentwood-Benson publishing, and had an in-person pitch session! How awesome is that?

I told Joel what I wanted, and played him a few of the already chosen songs. We then listened to at least a dozen demos. They were all great, but not necessarily a good fit for my voice and what I need for the album. I took 7 songs home with me, but there's 2 in particular that are jumping out at me. One is lyrical and I can totally hear Monika on the harmonies.

Oh, here's the other uber-cool thing about the CD: Monika is flying down to Nashville to record harmonies for me! What a complete dream come true! We've been singing together forever, and it just makes so much sense to have her on this project. Now, we just have to pray that I can get my vocals done in time for her trip!

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