Saturday, September 22, 2007

CWE starts a new season!

Since February, I've been loving my nights with CWE (Christian Women of Entertainment), so I was really excited about tonight. To remind, this is the night when a group of women gather in a non-smoking venue to share their original songs. I planned on doing a few Allison 'classics', but Gerald and I also worked up an arrangement of our newest co-write, "Fear Knocked, Faith Answered". This is the song we pitched to the Booth Brothers this summer. They didn't take it, but we won't judge them for that!

Kimberlee, the organizer of CWE, has been away all summer, so this is the first night we've had since the spring. We got to Edgehill early for soundcheck, but it took a while for people to arrive.

Well, at the risk of sounding negative, I saw some very unChristian behavior tonight. Kimberlee had booked a small but full line-up for the night, but as of 7:00, several girls hadn't even shown up. One new girl arrived, but when she saw the small crowd, she gathered up her group of friends, and left! Didn't even say, "Thanks, but no thanks". She just snuck out when she thought we weren't looking.

"Commitment" was the first big word I learned as a child, and I'm still shocked when people act this way.

Well, the joke was on them, because I honestly think that this was the best CWE night we've ever had. An impromptu program developed, including a few songs by Gerald - the first man to ever sing at a Christian WOMEN of Entertainment event! Most girls in the crowd could sing, so we had a night of spontaneous performances. Elayna borrowed Gerald's guitar, and sounded great. Kimberlee and Aricka sang acapella, and it was powerful. Amanda finished the night with a medley of praise choruses - no better way to end things!

What I loved about tonight was not just the range of gorgeous voices, but the truly generous spirit that filled the room. It was truly singing for God, and not for ourselves or our fame. I'm grateful that I found this group of women, and I can't wait til next month!

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