Saturday, February 03, 2007

Home at last!

We're here! We're finally back in our Nashville home!

It's too easy to say, "It's been a busy week". The real truth comes when we say, "It's been a busy year!". In the last 12 months, we've handled our wedding, Dad's retirement, selling our house, Mom and Dad buying their house, applying for my work visa, moving us to Nashville, moving Mom and Dad to their house... and somewhere in between, we had to make a living, and spend quality time together as newlyweds!

But there's no place we'd rather be than right here, right now.

We left Toronto early Monday morning. Gerald and Sebastian and I were in my car, and 2 friends drove a rented truck carrying all our earthly belongings. The truck took a bit of time at the border (3 hours!), so we didn't start the bulk of the drive until almost 5pm. Gerald and I decided to plow right thru without breaks. And thanks to great music, lively conversation, and chocolate-covered espresso beans, we pulled into the driveway safely and cheerfully just after 2:30am. The truck had to drive slower, so the guys got here around 3:30am.

The guys stayed for a few vacation days, then headed back on Thursday. Gerald and I are now in a house stacked high with unpacked boxes, and we couldn't be happier. We've decided to take a few days just to rest and relax and spend time in each other's company. Next week, we'll attack unpacking, getting new Tennessee plates for my car, blah, blah, blah.... We just need a little break from paperwork!

But before I sign off, I just have to tell this story from today:

It's been bright and mild all week, but this morning, we awoke to a gorgeous virgin snow on the ground. Pure white. Just a few inches. Exactly what you'd love to find Christmas morning. Sun shining. No ice on the roads. Kids sliding and having snowball fights.

What? Kids on a Friday morning?

Yes, they closed the schools! It was so mild that you didn't need to clean your car cause the snow was melting right off it. Not one flake fell from the sky all day. But those tough Nashvillians were at the Walgreens stocking up on 'supplies', businesses were closed 'due to weather', and the children were home from school.

Where's Robert Ripley when you need him?

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