Saturday, February 24, 2007

Christian Women of Entertainment.

Tonight was my first official Nashville gig! Whoo-hoo!

(It didn't pay, but that's pretty typical for a first Nashville gig!)

Christian Women of Entertainment (CWE) is a newly formed group in Nashville. The goal is to provide opportunities for performance and fellowship to, well, Christian women who entertain!

Tonight's showcase was held at the Curb Cafe on the campus of Belmont University. (If I ever decide to go back to school, Belmont would be my first choice. Awesome music program!) There were 6 performers, each doing 3 of her own songs.

The talent was really impressive! Some great songs and really interesting voices. It was great to see the range of songs presented too.

I opened with "Infinitely More", which was a little plagued by nerves. But I settled in and felt happy with my performances of "The Wedding at Cana" and "Abide With Me".

During my patter, I talked about our move here and how I'm on an artist visa. After my set, one gentleman called out, "Thank God for visas!" Made me smile...

Actually, a lot made me smile after the show. I met some really great people, and I'm going to hook up with some of them again. I got some wonderful feedback, and I've been invited to sing in a church. I realized I'd met one of the girls at Write About Jesus, and I'm going to see her perform again on Monday. And, I think I'm going to be able to perform in another CWE showcase in the spring!

Since arriving in Nashville, I've realized that every songwriter event has 2 women and 10 men. Tonight, it was nice to hear other women who are not only creating music, but who are giving it up to God.

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