Friday, February 23, 2007

Bluebird Magic...

Tonight we headed over to the Bluebird for a show. Our friend, Marc-Alan Barnette, was performing a show with his band, Volcano of Soul. As it was the Bluebird, it was all original songs. They reminded me of The Commitments, and the ladies had some awesome harmonies.

You always hear stories of going to the Bluebird for a show, and a songwriting legend shows up. Well, tonight was one of those nights...

Halfway through the show, Marc-Alan pulled up this gentleman named Billy Edd Wheeler. Don't worry if you don't know his name - I didn't either. But as soon as he started to sing, I knew his songs.

First, he sang "Coward of the County", which, funnily enough, is one of the songs we chose for our singalong during our 13 hour drive down here.

Then, he sang his song, "Jackson". Yes, the Carter-Cash classic! He sang it with one of the girls in the band, doing his own impression of the Man in Black.

It was such an awesome moment! Pure gold!

And what an inspiration! Imagine writing a song, and the moment you sing it, everyone in the room starts to sing along...

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