Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stamps-Baxter - Orientation

I'm here. I can't believe I'm finally here. It's so awesome and wonderful, but I can't write anymore til I share some awful news...

My guitar has broken in half. I am completely heartbroken! I brought it here with great expectations of sharing my songs, and even playing a few open mics on my extra days. But when I opened the case in Nashville, my heart sank. The headstock had completely broken off. I am so crushed. But not just for the practical reasons. It meant so much for me to buy that guitar. It meant that I was moving from a hobby player to a gigging musician. It took hours and hours to find it. It took so long to get the money to finally make this special purchase. And now it sits in 2 completely separate pieces, utterly useless.

Everyone here has been very supportive. Offering to help me get it fixed. Offering to lend me their instrument. I'm still waiting to hear from the airline about how to properly file my claim. It's so gross. I'm just sick to my stomach over it.

But with a deep breath, I have to remember that I am in the most awesome place imaginable, and I am so blessed to be here on a scholarship. As I write, there is a group of people jamming and singing. Kids are chatting and starting new friendships. Faculty are studying theory tests and trying to make up classrooms of like-skilled students. People are relaxed and friendly and open to this great new place.

My flight and travels went well. I spent the afternoon unpacking, and took a quick drive to Walmart with a fellow Canadian for some chocolate and batteries. By the way, a TONNE of Canadians are here this year. (Yes, Canadian spelling of tonne! My spellcheck will freak out!) Can't wait to meet them all. Oh, and the Walmart was more like a Costco. Ginormous! And they sell beer. Just weird.

Tonight we had chicken for dinner. Yes ... it was deep-fried!

But the highlight of the night was orientation. At first, it didn't seem like much of a highlight. People were still registering, and nothing seemed very organized. But then they asked me to come up and share my experience of a Day-in-the-life-of-Stamps-Baxter. Me! I felt - well, put on the spot - but also just so honoured that of all the people in that room, that they would ask me to share my experience!

Not being one to shy away from a mic, I jumped up, and started an improv, tag-team discussion with Stephen Speer about life at Stamps-Baxter. Geeky as it may seem, I told everyone to get lots of sleep and lots of water cause they're about to work their butts off! I also warned them about the deep-friend food. I don't think they took me seriously. Oh, the lesson they are about to learn!

On a serious note, I talked a little about the classes, and then told them how lucky we all are to have this experience lying before us. I encouraged them to be open to new ideas, new people, and new experiences with God.

Afterwards, I got to meet lots of new people, and even met a few who've read my blog. A couple of people mentioned how this blog helped them learn about the school or prepare for coming here. That felt pretty awesome. This started as a simple way to let my family know about my Nashville adventures without having to send too many emails. To think that it has actually helped someone is just such an honour! (And yes, I am blushing like crazy as I write this!)

Tomorrow will start the big stuff: Theory. Group singing. Voice lessons. Songwriting. Concerts. Learning. Singing. Growing. Praising.

*sigh* Time to follow my advice. Off for a good night's sleep...

I am so happy to be here!


wordhabit said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your guitar! i'm praying you can get it fixed or find a free-priced replacement :)

wish i could be there. i thought of you yesterday, remembering how we met in the airport and then became roommates. and i got all nostalgic and sad. it's still hard to believe that that was an entire year ago!

hope you're enjoying day 2. i'll be living vicariously through your words :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes a broken instrument clears the way for blessings unseen and unexpected. Nevertheless, it is so sad to hear that others will not 'twang' to the sound of your new guitar, but it will probably open up new musical avaenues for you.
Take care. Great day painting.
Love, Dad

Allison Lynn said...

Thanks for all your support!

Allison xo

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe it has been a year since your first Nashville blogs! Again, Bob and I are thoroughly enjoying your wonderful reports. Your writing style is great. Makes us feel like we were there with you. Would we ever love to hear those concerts!
Hope the guitar will be replaced by the airline!