Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stamps-Baxter - Day 2

Long and tiring and excellent day.

This morning started with devotions by Connie Northam. She told a great story about crashing her Daddy's car the first day she ever got her driver's license. Her message was one of mercy, and how we will all make mistakes today, but we will still have the love of God. What a great way to start the day.

I had my first of five private songwriting lessons today with Daryl Williams. I worked with Daryl last year, so I'm very excited to be back with him this year. I played my new song for him (on my lovely lender guitar!). He really liked it and could see how I'm applying his lessons from last year. He thought it might be a suitable song for a church musical. Given my musical theatre background, this is definitely an area of interest for me. We talked about some writing goals for the year ahead, and some possible avenues for my songs. For tomorrow, I'm bringing in a song from home that I've started but now I'm stuck on. I was hoping to do a little writing on it tonight, but tonight has gotten later than planned, as you'll see as you read on...

More theory... We're working with part writing. It's going okay. ... Yes, that's all I have to say about that right now.

This afternoon, I sang for Allison Durham Speer's class. I did my Sandy Patti version of "It Is Well". I just love singing this song, but when I stood up today, I got hit with a nasty case of nervousness. This is such a rare occurance for me, so of course I love that it happened today! I still got through it and hit all the high notes, but it was a little frustrating. Allison gave me some great feedback, both positive and constructive. There is so much to learn from her! Again, so glad I'm here.

Tonight's concert was Johnny Minnick, former singer with the Happy Goodmans and now a pastor with a large recording and performing ministry. What a voice! And what a presence! He opened with a solo, but then brought out his wife and son, and they were all joined by Allison, Ben, Mike Allen, and Daryl. What a powerhouse of voices! They did a lot of great classics, and it was amazing! The voices were incredible, but it was just so amazing to watch the spirit on stage. They all loved each other and were having so much fun. It really was awesome. I could have watched them all night.

Oh, I'm in a quartet! After the concert and performance opportunity, I rehearsed with the group. We're singing "Moving Up To Gloryland". Love that song, and just so thrilled to be asked to join in. I think we'll sing it later on this week.

Every night, after all the formal stuff, any one with an instrument can join in on a jam session of bluegrass music. Clearly, I'm not going to grab any instrument and join in, but I usually like to drop by and hear a song or two before coming here to write. Well, tonight, we had a special guest: Earl Scruggs sat in! The legend himself. He sat on the couch, surrounded by bass, fiddle, several guitars, and a huge audience of fans. So awesome to watch a master at work.

I think that's one of the things I love best about this place. You never know who's going to drop by. You never know what special event is going to take place. You just have to stay open and see what's going to happen next!

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