Sunday, July 09, 2006

Singing at my home church!

Today was a rare occurrence: I actually sang in my own home church!

More often than not, most Sundays are now spent singing at different churches. And trust me, I have no complaints about this! I've been working now for a year at trying to build up this kind of ministry, and I feel so blessed that it's actually working. Some Toronto churches are very closed to 'outside' musicians. They have their own choir or band, and don't really want other musicians on a regular Sunday. It can be a real challenge for Toronto singers to find churches to visit and minister. So, I've been very fortunate to be welcomed in so many places.

But today, it was lovely to sing "at home". It was great to see familiar faces, sit in the pew with Mom, and watch Dad lead the service.

For my solo, I did "He Saw It All", with the Booth Brothers track. I've been trying to learn more songs to tracks, so this was one more great opportunity to work on this skill. My goal is to have a full show's worth of songs to tracks by the time I hit Nashville this fall. I will still include guitar in my 'act', but I do want to give myself lots of options.

I was also just so thrilled to sing "He Saw It All" at St. John's, because most of the congregation had never heard it before! Last year, several of us heard it for the first time at the Gaither's Toronto taping, and we were so excited by it. I remember the first time I heard that chorus. I just wanted to yell, "Yes!". What a great song! So this morning, I was just so excited that someone else would get the opportunity for that "Yes!" moment.

During communion I sang "In the Garden", accompanied by Boni on piano. It is always such a pleasure to sing with Boni. She's a master at following a singer. I know I can add a chorus or go for the high note and she'll be there to support me. Just awesome!

The rest of the day was still musical - I wrote a new song last night, so I took the chance to play it several times for different people. Basically everyone I met today got greeted with, "Hi, want to hear it?". The reaction has been good, so that's encouraging. I wrote it last night, and after the first draft, I got very strict with myself. I kept going over every note and every syllable thinking, "Okay, if I brought this into NSAI for a critique, what would people say?". It was actually a really good exercise to do. I found several things to fix, and that ultimately led to a more coherent finished piece.

Only one week til Stamps-Baxter!!! One week tonight, I'll be getting ready for bed, decorating my room with wedding pictures, and trying to remember my shape notes. So excited!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Allison,

This is Lisa Wegner... I've got you book marked. I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I'm so proud of you!

xo Lisa