Saturday, March 18, 2023

Book Review: Everything Is Just Beginning, by Erin Bartels

A few days ago, I mentioned another SuperFan Author Review was coming.
Well, here it is!

I am a SuperFan of Erin Bartels!

So far, I've read, reviewed & LOVED:

We Hope For Better Things

All That We Carried

And one of my favourite books of 2022:

I think she only has two other books for me to search out!

Today, I'm excited to share her latest creation:
Everything Is Just Beginning

I know what you're thinking: "Of course you wanted to read this, Allison. There's a guitar on the cover."

But let me share a secret: Reading novels about music can be very frustrating when you're a musician! So often, people get it all wrong, especially when it comes to the process of songwriting. When the author makes too many assumptions, or trivializes the process, it can become incredibly frustrating!

Fortunately for all involved, Erin knows what she's talking about! Music Creation is almost like a character in this novel, driving the plot forward, traversing relationships, and giving the human characters voice to their emotions.

Michael Sullivan is a young musician without a band, an apartment, and most of his family. In the final days of 1989, his uncle receives an invitation to the New Year's Eve party of the year, hosted by a family of music legends. Michael and his uncle share a trailer and a name, so no one will notice if he accepts the invitation, right? At that swanky, celebrity-filled party, Michael meets the girl, the musician, who will change his entire life...

I read this quickly, over a few restful days in beautiful Fergus, Ontario. We stayed in a B&B in an 1850's stone building, resting in a hand-carved four-poster bed, overlooking the Grand River. Talk about a decadent way to read a book!

The story is well paced, but never at the expense of the characters or the relationships. There's so much depth going on here, but it's all told so well and with the perfect amount of emotional detail. Most of the story takes place in either Michael's uncle's run down trailer or the Wheeler's luxe, music-filled home. The tightness of his world and the contrasting settings tell us so much about Michael's struggles and dreams.

As a special gift for readers, Erin has created a hidden webpage with recordings of the song, videos, chord charts, and all kind of other gifts! It's only accessed via a QR code and a special password you'll learn by reading the book. Check out the last page of the novel for the link. So fun!!!

I'm always happy to recommend an Erin Bartels book,
and Everything Is Just Beginning is no exception! 

Grab your copy today and enjoy ...

Erin's site has a blog, videos, book club resources, and all kinds of fun things.
You can find her here:

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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