Thursday, March 16, 2023

Book Review: All The Lost Places, by Amanda Dykes

Since I started reviewing fiction, I've become a SuperFan
of a select number of authors!

Amanda Dykes is one of those few. 
(A review of another SuperFan Author is coming this weekend...)

I'd read, reviewed, and LOVED: 

Whose Waves These Are

Set The Stars Alight

And one of my very favourite books of 2021:

Amanda is a beautiful storyteller, creating decadent and tactile worlds for her characters. I was beyond excited when my review copy of All The Lost Places arrived in my mailbox.

Our story starts in California, but the true setting of this book is romantic Venice. This is literally historical fiction within historical fiction.

In 1904, we meet Daniel Goodman, a man in need of redemption. In an effort to save his mother's home and business, he takes on a challenging job: travel to Venice to procure and translate a rare "unfinished" book. Along the way, he meets Vittoria, a bookshop owner and true Venetian. As Daniel winds through the city's canals, the mysterious book - and the city's true history - come to light.

In 1807, a baby is discovered floating along the canals of Venice. Here, we meet the real-life characters of The Book of Waters. Our hero - Sebastien Trovato - wrestling with his unknown past. A guild of artisans, raising the lost boy as their own. And Mariana, a woman who washes ashore during a storm.

The challenge of writing this book was monumental! Not only is Amanda writing in two historic timelines, but she also writes huge swaths of The Book of Waters, masterfully weaving together the "novel' and the "history" of the story. (When you've read the book, that'll make sense!)

There's so much to love about All The Lost Places. It's a thick one, not so much in pages, but in mood, story, and history. It deserves to be read slowly with huge cups of tea. I didn't discover this 'til after I'd read it, but Amanda actually created a Thematic Soundtrack for the novel via Spotify, that's available on her site.

I will always be first in line to read an Amanda Dykes book!

Do yourself a favour and pick up any of her treasures today...

You can find more of Amanda's writing, as well as lots of FREE bonuses at:

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