Friday, June 17, 2022

Book Review: The Souls of Lost Lake, by Jaime Jo Wright

If you've been looking for your next spooky summer read, I've got it right here!

I was first introduced to the writing of Jaime Jo Wright last year when I reviewed On The Cliffs of Foxglove Manor 

I was completely shocked to find out there was such a thing as a Christian Fiction author who loved mysteries, ghost stories, and all things Gothic.

Having a Christian writer compose stories about fear and death might seem antithetical to some people, but you know, as Christians, we have a unique relationship to fear and death. At the end of this review, I've included a screenshot from Jaime Jo's spring newsletter that sums up her approach to writing in a really beautiful way.

Jaime Jo is an exquisite writer and an incredible storyteller,
so I was completely excited to receive a copy of her latest tale: 
The Souls of Lost Lake

Our story spans two time periods, with both set in the Northwoods, surrounding infamous Lost Lake.

Ava Coons is but a child in 1920 when she appears in town, covered in blood. Her recluse family is missing, presumed dead. When we meet Ava as a young woman, she is still haunted by the mysterious ghosts of unsolved murders and missing memories.

Wren Blythe, our modern day heroine, has loved growing up on the campgrounds of the Northwoods. But when a little girl goes missing, past and present collide to stir up campfire stories and rumours. Is a still-vengeful Ava Coons roaming the woods? Where is the missing girl, and why does Wren's name start to appear in creepy places?

The only way to read a campfire ghost story...
Honestly, I couldn't put this down! It's scary enough to be fun, but not so dark as to delve into horror. 

(That said, I'm easily scared, so when I read this at night, I made sure I had a funny story to read right before falling asleep!)

Jaime Jo's writing is truly beautiful, delving into near-poetry at times. Each timeline was distinct, capturing the unique flavour and behaviours of the day. And the characters and storyline were fantastic! I hate being able to see the ending, and this kept me guessing til the final twist.

I highly recommend The Souls of Lost Lake for your summer read!

Jaime Jo has a great newsletter, a fun Facebook community, podcasts,
and lots of great mentoring tools for writers. 

You can find her online at

Screenshot from Jaime Jo's most recent newsletter.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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