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Book Review: The Master Craftsman, by Kelli Stuart

Historical fiction, Faberge Eggs, and a treasure hunt?

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With that description, I was so excited to receive my copy of
The Master Craftsman
by Kelli Stuart. 

The Master Craftsman features a smart interweaving of historical and modern timelines that's popular in historical novels right now.

The historical side of our tale bring us to Russia in the early 1900's. Karl Faberge is at the peak of his success, crafting his iconic Faberge Eggs for the Tsar of Russia. 

We meet Alma Pihl. In real life, Alma was first woman to become a "Master Craftsman" in the Faberge studio. She started as an apprentice, graduated to making jewellery, and eventually designed two of the Faberge Eggs. I've included a photo of my favourite design on this page.

Real life Alma Pihl. SOURCE
If you have any interest in the Faberge Eggs at all, you'll want to keep Google close at hand while reading this book! Kelli describes each egg beautifully, but to truly appreciate their exquisite creativity, you'll want to see photos. 

Even though Karl Faberge is at the peak of his success, Russia is changing swiftly. Our timeline takes us through rebellion and political upheaval in the streets of St. Petersburg. In a moment of crisis and desperation, Karl entrusts Alma with his most precious creation - a final, secret Faberge Egg.

Decades later, treasure hunter, Nick Laine has become obsessed with the mysterious egg. As he faces his final days with cancer, he reaches out to his estranged daughter, Ava, to help him find the missing piece of Faberge history.

Alma's "The Mosaic Egg and Surprise" SOURCE
I don't always read other people's reviews before reading my own, but for some reason I did with this one. It was curious reading the other responses. Some people loved the historical storyline, and dismissed the modern one as far-fetched. Others found the historical parts were filled with too much description, but loved the fast-paced treasure hunt.

The two storylines are very different, but to me, those differences are part of the strength of the novel. As a creator myself, I really loved all the details of the eggs, the jewellery, and the studio. The historical chapters felt rich and full. In contrast, the treasure hunt was fast paced, with the right amount of heightened drama and humour.

I really enjoyed The Master Craftsman,
and I can't wait to read more of Kelli's beautiful books!

You can find out more about Kelli and her writing at 

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