Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Our New CD - An Important Announcement...

Last week, we shared important news through our mailing list. 
Today, we wanted to bring you all into the loop...

As you know, we've had a very full season of recording, as we create a brand new album of original music. It's been a lot of work, and we're incredibly excited about sharing this new project with you.

This August, however, we faced a difficult time in our family when Gerald's mother, 
Sandy Flemming, passed away.

Sandy had battled heath issues for years, but her death very sudden and unexpected. We stopped all recording for several weeks as we prepared for her funeral and spent much needed time with Gerald's Dad and our family.

Many of you heard the news on Facebook
and we are so grateful for your prayers and messages of love. 

Needless to say, this put us far behind on our recording. We could have rushed the process, but to be honest, what's happening in the studio has been so exciting, and we're committed to making the best recording possible for you!

For this New CD, we sat down and thought, 
"Who would be our dream duets for this album?"

We thought of four amazing Canadian artists whom we admire and love. 
In a bold move, we invited each of them to sing on the project, hoping one of them might say Yes.

We can't tell you how humbled we felt when 

For this new album, we're thrilled to sing 'duets' with:

Drew Brown - Juno nominee
Ali Matthews - 20 time GMA Covenant Award Winner
Hiram Joseph - Juno nominee
Kevin Pauls - 100 Huntley Street musical host

All four artists gave incredible performances on their songs!

Just before we left home to start our Western Canada Tour, we completed recording all the performances for the album! As we travel, our producer, Andrew Horrocks, is mixing the tracks and adding more instrumental parts. Then, he'll master the album to give it a beautiful, finished sound. While that's happening, we'll have the graphics designed. Then, the CDs will be manufactured and prepared for shipping!

The final CDs will now be available in mid to late November.
We are so grateful for all of your support with this new album!

The only question left is:

Preordering your CD guarantees you get one of the very first copies available.
Also, your preorder helps us with the financial challenges of creating the final parts of the album.

As our THANK YOU for preordering, 
we want to give you some FREE GIFTS! 

Please visit this page to preorder your CD:

Thank you for all you do to support our Infinitely More ministry!


hgh said...

I'm pretty sure I've ordered mine already. 😉💕

Allison Lynn said...

First on the list :)