Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Worship Wednesdays - Guest Post by Gerald Flemming

Today we feature a guest post by my husband and partner in all things Infinitely More, Gerald Flemming. 

The Nutrients of Prayer
By Gerald Flemming

Allison and I are nigh unto finished with our shiny new CDs, ‘How The Light Gets In’ and ‘Tonight, Everywhere Is Bethlehem’. Anybody who has made a single CD knows the incredible odyssey it is, but like last time, we decided to do these two simultaneously. We’ll never learn. The reasons are many, some of them economical, some of them having to do with the ability to streamline the process. To say we are totally wiped out is an understatement of epic proportions. The last month alone, we didn’t have a single day off.

Two years of writing and road testing songs across Canada and the States, culminated into a three month gauntlet that, at times, tested the very fabric of our convictions. The recording process of course was our main focus, but we were still doing concerts and leading worship on a weekly basis, at different churches and venues. This, while also booking a two and a half month East Coast Tour that looks incredibly full and exciting. The reason I’m actually writing Allison’s blog post this morning is because this is technically, ‘almost’ a day off for me, while she is spending the entire day teaching.

And we’ve all experienced that extended period of time without rest. The seemingly endless days of dawn till dusk, having to make hay while the sun shines. We do everything in ‘our power’ to persevere. Contemporary success tech has lots of words for this focus, but all of them feel like they’re lacking because most of them are rooted in the ‘our power’ paradigm.

For Allison and me, I would have to say, this long arduous process
 was fueled more by the ‘our prayer’ paradigm.  

Prayer, for us, is the flash paper. It unites us and ignites us, giving energy and focus when we really shouldn’t have any. It’s the moment of eloquent quiet and solemnity that not only prepares us for the grind but also gets us excited about the possibilities. There’s no question in my mind that we would have folded at some point in the last few months, if we hadn’t been fueled by prayer.  There were times that all of the crazy brought Allison and I closer, and there were times it felt like it drove a wedge between us. Prayer would then help mitigate any energy draining conflict, align our purposes, and set us back to the task at hand.

In less then two weeks we’ll be leaving for the East Coast for two and a half months.  We have to finalize the set list of a new concert. Make sure all of the tech is sound (pun intended). Get our vehicle fixed (don’t get me started).  And the rest of the toilet roll list of things that need to be done before we leave. Even the thought of all this starts my head swimming and my heart palpitating in an unhealthy way...

Excuse me please, if you will, while I turn away and find a quiet little moment to pray about it.


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