Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Worship Wednesdays - The Day Before We Begin...

Tomorrow is Studio Day!!

It's been months since we made the decision to record our new CD. We immediately entered the long and wonderful journey of choosing our songs. (I wrote about that process HERE.) From there, we started to put the other pieces together.

It takes a village to raise a CD, so who would be our team? We would need a producer, engineer, musicians, photographer, graphic designer, manufacturer...

Next, we had to choose how to record. Nashville? Toronto? Tracks in a day? Build each song individually? Since we know the Nashville system so well, and we've had success with it in the past, Nashville seemed like the obvious choice. Then we asked a few talented friends their advice:"Well, everyone is just trying to create the Nashville sound anyways, so if you can get the real thing, go to Nashville!" Asked and answered...

Then came the planning, the details, and the scheduling. And tomorrow, we finally enter the studio! We'll spend the first 2 days recording all of Gerald's guitar tracks. He'll record to a click track, which is like having a metronome keeping the beat throughout the entire song. The click is removed in the final recording, but during the process, it's an invaluable tool. It's like laying out a pathway that all the musicians can follow. We can come in later and add extra parts, and the click makes sure everyone can lock into that perfect tempo.

For live players like ourselves, the click is a bit of a new challenge. But Gerald has a great sense of inner timing and groove, so I know he'll be great.

I'll be on detail management for these first few days. I'll keep track of what tempo and key we use for each song, which guitar is played for which track, and making afternoon espressos - the key to any good recording session!

We'd love your prayers tomorrow and Friday as we start this recording! We're so crazy excited about these songs, and we can't wait to share them with you.

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