Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nashville - Day 3

I woke up this morning and thought, "We're in Nashville. Today we're going to work on music, tonight we'll perform, and tomorrow we're going to record. Wow ..."

We spent the morning in the very funky 12th Avenue South area - home to cafes, music stores, art galleries, and cool artsy spots. We sipped cappuccinos and enjoyed brunch with our songwriter friend, Jim. We've decided that this will be a very social trip, with as many friend visits as possible.

Last week, we skyped with Denny in Nashville, who will record tracks and mix this CD. This afternoon, we skyped with Carmon in Toronto, who will record the vocals for the CD. We're so grateful for the technology that allows us to do all of this over the miles! (or, as we say, kilometres...)

Tonight, we played a songwriter round at the Commodore Lounge. We were invited by our producer, Denny Martin and Scott Neubert, a talented guitarist who's played for everybody, and we're humbled that he's also played for our projects. We sang How The Light Gets In, Thou Shalt Not, and our new Christmas song, Tonight Everywhere is Bethlehem. The response was extremely positive, which in the completive Nashville market, is really encouraging. 

We perform all the time, and we know these songs like the back of our hand, and yet, tonight we sang them in Nashville. Not to sound too over the top, but playing music here isn't like playing it anywhere else. Every room is steeped in talent and history. The guy sitting by himself in the corner might have a Grammy nomination hanging up on his wall. The next song performed might be a hit in a month. To perform in this world is challenging, inspiring, intimidating, awesome...

Tomorrow, we hit the studio... 
the next chapter begins...

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