Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We've had the most wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

On Saturday, we gathered with my family for an evening of feasting! Three generations laughed, sang, and shared stories. The table was set for 12 but my Mom cooked for 25, so we all went home with bags of leftovers, grateful for so much abundance.

Mom's beautiful Thanksgiving flower arrangement.

On Sunday, we were blessed with a night of beautiful worship at The Gathering. We brought a little sweet table to thank our musicians for sharing their talents on Thanksgiving night, and everyone indulged in cookies, strawberries, and honey-peppermint iced tea. We sang songs of gratitude - "Give Thanks," "My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness," and Hillsong's "Worthy is the Lamb." We continue to be humbled by the faithfulness, talent, and camaraderie of our band.

And today, we rested. We enjoyed the cool weather, the fridge full of leftovers, and the peace of a quiet house.

We are blessed beyond measure. 
Some days, it can be hard to remember that.
I pray we may always live in that space of gratitude.


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